Beyonce braids
stopped the presses when she showed up at Nas’Life Is Good album release party in full-on 1990-styled blonde-box braids. If you know anything about braids, you know they’re not the type of style you put in one day and take out the next. Braids can take over five hours to do, depending on how many people are working on your head at once. So just in case Queen Bey leaves this look locked in her tresses for a while, we’ve got a few style suggestions for her.

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Check out the top 23 styles Beyonce should consider when styling her new braids! Word to Brandy (the ambassador of braids).

Bo Derek braids

Beaded Like Bo Derek

brandy buns

Double Buns Like Brandy

Queen Latifah braids

Crowned Like Queen Latifah

Jade braids

Parted Pretty Like Jade

Mystikal braids

Angry Mob Bob Like Mystikal

Da brat braids

Rubber Banded Like Da Brat

Janet Jackson

Covered Like Janet Jackson

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